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  • The use of the pre-paid meters process

    Time:2016/8/31 13:57:45

  • Now a lot of YongDianHu for the convenience of electricity, will be replaced the old in the home electric meter with new prepaid electricity meter. Installation of prepaid meter does not need to modification of circuit, as long as the traditional electric meter directly replace pre-paid meters, this makes the prepaid meter installation cost greatly reduced.
    So, what is the prepaid meter using process?
    First of all, YongDianHu after purchase prepaid meters to the power substation is registered, let power substation staff help you the door installation prepaid electricity meter.
    Then, YongDianHu need to open an account to power substation for prepaid meters, because only to open an account to receive the prepaid meter IC card prepaid phone. Are widely used in many YongDianHu pre-paid meters, so in many places the power substation are opened up for pre-paid meters provide service window, application YongDianHu account directly to the specified window. Power substation personnel as soon as possible for YongDianHu making IC card, and the information about the user write IC card, then it's off to open an account, then YongDianHu to activate can use IC card prepaid phone card. YongDianHu insert their IC card prepaid meter, the information on the card and the information in the prepaid meter can achieve swaps, IC card is activated. When users need to pay cost, directly take IC card to top-up once business hall.
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