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  • Testing point error setting watt-hour meter calibration procedures

    Time:2016-8-31 14:02:21

  • China's current use of watt-hour meter can be divided into two categories, electromechanical ac watt-hour meter and electronic watt-hour meter, its national verification regulation, respectively electromechanical ac watt-hour meter and JJG596 JJG307-2006-1999 electronic watt-hour meter, and electromechanical ac watt-hour meter and electronic watt-hour meter is divided into single-phase watt-hour meter and industrial lighting power three-phase watt-hour meter.
    Two countries watt-hour meter verification regulation requirements in no matter what kind of watt-hour meter test (electromechanical or electronic), of watt-hour meter each testing point by the current, as long as the male rate factor for a 1 and 0.5, all point detection difference conform to the requirements of the rules of electric meter, was sentenced to the electric meter is qualified, beyond the rules of error requirement, found not qualified, and to be checked watt-hour meter through the flow of electricity is divided into full (100%) of the light load (20%, 10%), qualified test of watt-hour meter, the unit using cycle shown on the watt-hour meter calibration values can be used as the basis of how much power, and numerical value as the pay and the amount of charge between trade settlement.
    If in testing, the testing point is error for current display, indicates the watt-hour meter as shown in the actual power consumption is less than the watt-hour meter, if shown in electricity settlement according to the meters, users have to pay for fees, aggrieved when negative error indicates the watt-hour meter as shown in the actual power consumption is greater than the watt-hour meter, if electricity settlement amount indicated in meters, power supply department is charge less aggrieved, so more than national verification regulation of error of plus or minus watt-hour meter shall not use, this is the first time the ammeter verification requirements.
    But many watt-hour meter in the first test of error of plus or minus conform to the requirements of the verification regulation, after a period of time after use, because of the influence of many factors, there will be a super bad phenomenon, it could cause economic disputes. This kind of dispute processing method based on the calibration certificate error made by the arbitration department value to refund or charge balance of electricity. In the verification of arbitration is in strict accordance with the national verification regulation of error values to make a decision. But there is a real problem, according to the instruction, the error value is detection of watt-hour meter and loaded with light load testing point according to the value, whether can reflect real electricity supply, is debatable.
    The watt-hour meter for each user to use different rated current, power supply and power supply department is facing families, both light and industrial electricity, power supply current in the output is not too big nor too small, each user used by electric power size is also different. Is not the maximum current and minimum current rating of the meter is not full and light load current. Must be 60% to 60% of the rated current of medium load. When user and power supply department for electric meter error problems controversial trade settlement, to the arbitration test, we only through the full load current, and power consumption of light load current error to determine the actual error, is clearly wrong. We often encounter a user in real work, holding a meter to the arbitration I requested verification. Result verification certificate issued by, or because of the heavy and light load error is inconsistent, and sometimes also difference is bigger, rather than on the power consumption to settle trade returned or covering electricity costs, all parties to find favorable error. If it is the choice of different industrial big error, may be a great influence on the interests of all parties. For example: the current load error 100% and 10%, and 10% current light load error is 25%, may according to 10% of the difference, with the power supply party wants to press 25% charge due to light load, each with one word. The author thinks that neither by full load or light load determination, due to the error in 60% ~ 70% (65%), medium load to calculate the balance between cost, it also conforms to the requirement of power supply department daily supply, that is to say, in two verification regulation of watt-hour meter should be adding a 60% ~ 70% (65%), medium load test points. The purpose of the inspection point increase, is to give both sides in the event of contradictions, electricity power supply and utilization to provide a mutually acceptable and real close to the power consumption of medium load error and increase the extent of electricity use error recognition on both sides. And when the power supply party and utilization party in the event of power to settle disputes, most of the two sides finally can only according to load and light load average as the final processing result.
    If the national verification regulation of direct rules on the medium load error 65%, above problems are solved. So the author suggest watt-hour meter two countries verification regulations should be revised, a 65% increase in the medium load test points as well. And Suggestions in the watt-hour meter measuring the arbitration inspection report, issued by the 65% tolerance and other testing point of electricity load testing point error of electricity data shall be issued.
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