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  • Electronic watt-hour meter

    Time:2016/8/31 14:08:52

  • (1) a powerful, easy to extend.
    An electronic watt-hour meter is equivalent to a few induction watt-hour meter, as a fully functional electronic multi-function table is equivalent to two positive active table, two positive reactive table, two maximum demand scale and a timer, pressure loss and can realize the seven table can realize automatic measurement, data copy reading etc. At the same time, the reduction in the number of meter, effectively reduce the secondary loop voltage drop, improve the reliability and accuracy of the metering device.
    (2) the high level of accuracy and stability.
    Induction watt-hour meter accuracy level is generally 0.5 ~ 3.0, and due to mechanical wear and tear, error prone to change, and the electronic watt-hour meter can easily use a variety of compensation easily to achieve high level of accuracy, good stability and error, the accuracy of electrical meter grade average of 0.2 ~ 1.0.
    (3) small starting current and error curve is flat and level.
    Induction watt-hour meter needs to be done to start and in 0.3% of the Ib measurement, error curve changes greatly, especially in low load error is bigger; And electronic watt-hour meter is very sensitive and can be started under 0.1% 1 b and measurement, and error curve is good, in the full load range error is almost in a straight line.
    (4) wide frequency response range.
    Frequency response of the induction watt-hour meter range generally 45 ~ 55 hz, and electronic multi-function table for 40 ~ 1000 hz frequency response range.
    (5) affected by the external magnetic field is small.
    Induction watt-hour meter is to measure based on the principle of moving into the field of, so the external magnetic field's impact on the performance for the measurement of the meter. Operations and electronic watt-hour meter relies mainly on the multiplier, its measurement performance affected by external magnetic field is small.
    (6) Easy to install and use.
    The installation of the induction watt-hour meter has strict requirements, if the suspension horizontal Angle deviation is big, obvious tilt, even will cause energy metering are inaccurate. And electronic watt-hour meter adopts the electronic measuring method, no mechanical rotating parts, so there is no such problem, and its small size, light weight, easy to use.
    (7)All landowners overload ability.
    Using coil induction watt-hour meter works, in order to guarantee the accuracy of measuring, normally only four times over load; The electronic multi-function table can achieve overload 6 ~ 10 times.
    (8)Was preventing electricity-stolen ability is stronger.
    Power is an unavoidable reality in our country's urban and rural electricity problems, poor ability of preventing electricity-stolen induction watt-hour meter. On the basic principle of new type of electronic watt-hour meter from the prevent common power theft. ADE7755, for example, can be measured by two current transformer phase line and zero line current, and the big electric current as energy metering basis, so as to realize the power of prevent short current wire, etc.
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