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  • The emergence of guide rail installation watt-hour meter background

    Time:2016-8-31 14:05:33

  • With the rapid development of economy, the demand for electricity in all walks of life is more and more big, the shortage of electric power resources in different time and power consumption imbalance phenomenon is still serious. To alleviate the increasingly sharp contradiction between supply and demand of electric power, improving power imbalance, reducing power consumption and improve the efficiency of the national power, rational utilization of electric power resource has become one of the basic national policy of building a harmonious society today.
    Consume large amounts of electrical energy is concentrated in the low voltage power distribution terminal, in order to strengthen the assessment of terminal electric energy metering and management, convenience for the user's site, the transformation and upgrading, in view of the traditional DDSD and DTSD series wall installed watt-hour meter in use the site for the inconvenience and designed a kind of guide rail installation watt-hour meter, miniaturization has high measurement precision, high overload capacity, stable performance, reliable and wide working voltage range, low power consumption advantages. And its small size, light weight, modular structure, and can be used with miniature circuit breaker installed in power distribution box, terminal distribution electric energy metering.
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