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  • How prepaid electricity meter system reset, reset card how to use?

    Time:2016-8-31 14:07:10

  • How prepaid electricity meter system reset, reset card how to use? This problem has been plagued by numerous users of prepaid electricity meter, for managers must be familiar with the operation. When the management of electric meter data errors, or user information change, the user card) or cancellation and other issues need to reset electric meter.
    First of all, we'd better have to prepare a blank card used for reset card, open the sell electricity meter system open the electric card type - select reset card - the input information to be clear it electric meter factory number -- click write card, this is will be prompted to do card successful tips.
    Pre-paid meters under current condition, reset chip card inserted into the meter to the left, to stay on the screen display E: 00, the character representation operation is successful, the meter information has been cleared. If you don't show the symbols, or display symbols not E: 00, or gibberish, on behalf of the no reset is successful, the need to power off, electricity to plug again.
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